Course Offerings and Schedule


Do You Have Acute or Chronic Pain?

Refer a Friend & get a Free Session with Julia 

           Package of 3 Private
  • Deep Tissue Bodywork for Immediate Pain Relief  
  • Hands-on Yoga Therapy for Joint Rehabilitation 
  • Graduated Yoga Series for Your Condition

        $397 for 3 Sessions ($25 Off)

         Medical Assessment (additional)

               Package to be used within 7 weeks of purchase

Free Consultation

With Pain Coach Julia Lorimer
30 minutes ($99 value) 



New 3 Week Course in June!

Free Your Self From Pain

3 Week Course Includes

Private Session with Julia

Medical Assessment (Optional) 

Online Stategies to Free Your Self From Pain

                  Individualized  Progressive Yoga Series for Your Condition

                  Avoid Your Posture and Breathing Blindspots

                  Drop Anxiety in 3 Steps

                  Self-Awareness Meditation

Tuesday Online Classes 10:00 -11:00 am   June 14, 22, 28 
(mp3 recordings available)

$279 without Medical Assessment

$397 with Medical Assessment


Long Distance Private Sessions online (skype or phone)

Medical  Assessment is based on you health history, X-Ray, MRI and medical reports 

                                         Given by:

                                         Douglas Greene D.C., San Rafael 

                                         Mitchell Kauk P.T.,  Director of P.O.S.T. Wellness, Petaluma


Schedule of Classes, Workshops and Retreats 



Free Your Self From Pain through Yoga and Meditation 

         Wednesdays 2:30-4 pm @ P.O.S.T. Wellness, Petaluma, CA


Free Your Self From Pain through Yoga and Meditation

         Saturday, June 18  12-2 pm P.O.S.T. Wellness, Petaluma, CA

Free Your Self From Neck Pain through Yoga and Meditation

         Saturday, July 23  12-2 pm P.O.S.T. Wellness, Petaluma, CA

Free Your Self From Digestive Disorders through Yoga and Meditation

         Saturday, August 27  12-2 pm P.O.S.T. Wellness, Petaluma, CA


10 day Retreat-- Therapeutic Yoga for Lower Back Pain with Yoga and Meditation

     November 29 - December 8  2016 A.V.G. Ashram in PA